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Welcome to Inside Out Holistic Health

There is no higher compliment than being trusted to guide you on your journey toward optimum health and healing!

Here are just a few positive comments from clients...

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"Hello. My name is Heather and I save lives. Here is a picture of a child who was suffering and after taking a remedy looks like this (pic omitted for confidentiality). For info, please contact me at 1-800-I-AM-AMAZING."  Thank you Heather! (written by the mom of a child client)

My child's earache is almost gone after one dose of homeopathy!

I'd refer the world to you!

I definitely have more energy! I'm really liking the adrenal advantage. The fish oil is not bad at all. I just received the acerola cherry powder too!

This remedy is no joke! I feel REMARKABLY better! And I haven't taken another dose!

Are you looking for a great holistic health option? I cannot say enough good things about Inside Out Holistic Health! My wife recently mt with her and learned so much about her body, along with great insights for improved health. Not only that, but Heather is so great to talk with - making the whole experience so enjoyable!

Just wanted to report we got the remedy yesterday. My child woke me up at 2am, shaking with fear. He had a tummy ache (gas) and let it worry him too much. I gave him the remedy and within 15-20 minutes, he stopped shaking and went to sleep soon after...that was pretty cool.

My son has been doing really well this week. Remarkably well actually. I think he has been feeling anxiety longer than this past week and just didn't say much about it. He was smiling and laughing with me last night playing a game. I have not seen a relaxed smile like that with him in a really long time. 

Thank you so much for all the time you spent with my patient. She was soooo impressed with you! (per referral from chiropractor)


Local friends seeking alternative health & wellness practitioners, I cannot recommend Heather Lynn at Inside Out Holistic Health in Downtown Mokena enough!

I met Heather when I was homeschooling during the 21-22 school year. My daughter was in her ASL classes at the co-op she was enrolled in and loved Heather and the class so much.. Heather's educational background is remarkable and I'm so happy to watch her journey into holistic health. Because I knew the path she was on, I held off taking my kids anywhere else and I'm so happy I waited. She's someone I know and trust, she's Christian and we share the same values. She's a local independent business owner which I am big advocate for, and she is a wealth of knowledge in natural health. She's a fierce Mama Bear that is honest and straight-forward, my kids and I are simply blessed to have someone like her in our corner. If you are seeking alternative health care for yourself or your kids, check her out!

My son is doing better!!! Everyone in my life now knows who you are and you have changed our world!!!! He is taking the Florajen, coconut oil every morning, homemade sourdough bread from Dana, acv w/distilled water, raw cheese, organ flushing/lymphatic massage. Just in a few days of this his BMs are different... better. On day 3 of this new plan he even had somewhat of a "cleanout"... we were surprised! Soo happy to be off of the laxatives. I can't thank you enough. You are changing people's lives!!! And the knowledge and hope you have given me has put my entire body into a more peaceful place. We have more work to do but feeling great about our new journey.   

Just watched your webinar.  It was amazing!!! I learned so much from it.  You are a natural communicator and have such passion.  You are going to help a lot of people as you helped all of us!   

Heather is amazing!!!  My black and blue mark from my IV is gone and my hand is not as stiff. I took the remedy you suggested and it worked! Thank you Heather!

My blood pressure has come down considerably ever since following Heather's dietary suggestions. I was having episodes of nearly passing out and my blood pressure was all over the place.  The blood pressure meds were not helping and seemed to cause the weakness and dizziness and nausea. I am still on the meds, but hope to wean off of them now that I have changed my diet and am having great results! 


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