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Calm Sea

Inside Out Holistic Health is based on the belief that optimum health and wellness is achievable through the use of multiple modalities. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals.  My holistic approach takes into account your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I believe that restoring your health is absolutely possible and I am here to guide you on your journey!

I offer a variety of Naturopathic and TCM services... 


   $165...1.5 - 2 hours

Your first visit is the longest in an effort to gain as much information as  possible about your symptom picture.  A complete history will be taken and an assessment will be conducted to gain a better understanding of what is taking place inside your body. 

   * Lengthy Conversation

   * Review of Client Form

   * MRT (muscle response testing)

   * Tip Testing (as needed)

   * Bristol Stool Chart Comparison

   * pH Test for Saliva & Urine

   * Facial Analysis Pictures (if not already submitted) 

A plan for restoration will be created and discussed at your follow-up appointment.


   $65...30-45 mins

Ideally, your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled within two weeks of your initial consultation.  A plan for restoration will be shared in great detail to help you start your journey.  Subsequent follow-ups will take place monthly to reassess your symptom picture, make modifications as needed, and celebrate your successes! The following may be suggested as needed...

   * Homeopathic Remedy

   * Bach Flower Remedy

   * Cell Salts

   * Nutritional recommendations

   * Dietary recommendations

   * Supplement recommendations

   * Exercise recommendations 

   * Stress management recommendations 
   * Spiritual support/documentation

      (if requested)


  $50...30 mins

Once you are an established client (have had an initial consult and one follow-up), you can schedule an appointment for support with any of the following conditions...

* common cold symptoms         

* fever

* flu-like symptoms                       

* cough

* vomiting                                           

* bruises

* nausea                                               

* tooth issues

* sore throat                                       

* eye issues

* rashes                                                 

* ear issues

* trouble sleeping                           

* urinary tract issues

* body aches                 



The face is a map of the body. Every blemish, crease, line, indentation, discoloration, shape, me more insight into what is going on in your body and in your life. Facial analysis is not meant to be diagnostic on its own. It is complementary to other modalities and helps confirm health findings and suspicions.  As you heal, your face will actually begin to look healthier! Lines may diminish, or at the very least start to fade.  Honestly, there is no good or bad when it comes to this modality...everything just "is". It is there to explain your past. It is there to give a better understanding of what is going on. It is there to help you learn how to support your body in the future.

Embrace your face! 

   Report only - $50

* Send in your photos (per instructions you will receive after this service)

* Receive a written analysis of your face (including strengths, areas for improvements, genetic tendencies, and more) 


   Report and 30 min. Consultation - $100

* Written report plus 30 minute analysis via virtual or face-to-face consult

* We will dive deeper into the findings and discuss each area in greater detail

* Some health suggestions will be offered based on the results of your analysis 

* Please bring your questions and be ready to take notes on the answers!


   $50   ~30 mins

Holistic modality in which clients are treated on the basis of their whole condition of health...physically and emotionally. It is a natural healing system based on the principle that "like" cures "like".  Appointments may include basic education and/or a discussion to determine the best matching remedy for your acute condition (occurring for less 2 weeks).


   $50   ~30 mins

Did you know that approximately 85% of your health lies in your gut? What we eat and what we eat... ate, has an effect on our health...for the better or worse.  Learn how to let "food be thy medicine" and "medicine be thy food". You will gain a wealth of knowledge about what to eat, what not to eat, where to buy your groceries, and even the importance of drinking "clean" water during this consultation.


   $100  ~1.5 hrs

I have had many clients say to me "ahhh...if I could just have you come shopping with me!!!"

Ask and you shall receive! If you recently climbed aboard the health train, grocery shopping 

can feel daunting and overwhelming at first.  Fear not! I am more than happy to meet you at a local

grocery store and help you choose healthier options for your family. I'm excited to share my favorite 

selections with you and point you in the right direction!   


   NO CHARGE ~15 mins 

If you are just beginning your walk with the Lord...or considering your salvation...or want to learn about the Bible/gospel/doctrine...or need some Christian guidance...I would be honored to be a part of your faith life! It does not matter where you currently are in your relationship with the Lord. I am here to pray with you and for you.



* CELL SALTS - Mineral imbalance is at the root of many illnesses. Cell salts are homeopathic medicines made from the twelve minerals essential to your health. Cell Salts are used to help support and balance your body's key minerals. 

* BACH FLOWER REMEDIES - There are 38 flower essences, each one derived from a different wildflower, plant or tree.  Each remedy corresponds to a specific emotion. The flowers and plants are used to promote emotional well-being. Flower remedies can help with an array of emotions including fear, uncertainty, lack of interest, loneliness, oversensitivity, despair, and anxiety. 





I offer a Fullscript Dispensary to give my clients easy access to healthcare's bet supplements. I send a supplement plan to their email, they order the products, and their orders are delivered quickly to their doors. Not only is Fullscript convenient for my clients to use, but it also offers personalized refill reminders and Autoship to schedule recurring orders, which help my clients stay on track. I trust Fullscript because it guarantees reputable suppliers' products, and quality standards that are hard to match. It gives me the tools to ensure my clients are supported on their wellness journeys! 


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